How to enter the best event you'll do all year!

Step 1 - Download and print the Event Entry Form.

Step 2 - Download, print and READ the Supplementary Regulations.

Step 3 - Fill out all of the required information on the entry form, Sign and Witness as required.

Step 4 - Send (post or email) your completed form with your cheque (or EFT advice) to the organisers.

Step 5 - Get your car ready and make sure it is roadworthy (A standard road car is all that is needed).

Step 6 - Your acceptance of entry will be emailed to you after entries have closed and will detail your car No.

Step 7 - Reply to the entry acceptance email and let us know how you would like to register and correct any anomalies.

Step 8 - Attend registration, or remote register.

Step 9 - Come to the start with a sense of adventure (and humour...) See your there!


At registration the event organisers will confirm validity of your drivers licence, CAMS licence (as applicable) and scrutineering details. At this time you will also be able to collect your hats, lanyards, patches, stickers, tourist information (as available), rally pack, competitors list and details of your overnight accommodation (for the Saturday evening).